Mid-February Open Thread



19 thoughts on “Mid-February Open Thread

      1. That’s what they should do. I doubt it is likely though. My bet is on someone whose work is more overtly concerned with empirical psychology.

              1. um . . . well if you had googled his name, within about 10 seconds you would have discovered that he is pretty much the only pure philosophy of mind person currently on the Oxford faculty.

  1. Where did Gallagher get his PhD from? His CV doesn’t say, and Wikipedia says Bryn Mawr–which doesn’t have a PhD program any more. Did it back in the day?

  2. Do I have this right? Patterson spent $1000 to get a political theorist with no record in epistemology to write a review of his epistemology book? Patterson then goes nuts because the review is not favorable and in Patterson’s view doesn’t really engage with the content of the book?

    1. You have it right. Check out his facebook page and watch his videos “responding” to Jason. He’s not right in the head, this guy Patterson.

      1. There seems to be some ambiguity about whether Brennan got his $1000. Personally, and I’m not saying I couldn’t use a grand right about now, I think that’s too low to read an amateur’s refutation of contemporary epistemology. (As a contemporary epistemologist, I thought Brennan, whose political views I really don’t like, did a very good and fair job of trashing the book, which sounds stupid beyond belief.) (WordPress’s spell checker underlines “epistemologist” in red – way to make me feel even more marginal this morning!)

        1. Feel like these two were made for each other. JB is a bit of a dick that needs easy targets to be a dick to. SP is a narcissist who needs someone to abuse him. I wish them all the happiness in the world.

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